Document Management Solution - DStore


As an end-to-end document regulation solution that uses IBM and Kofax technologies as a firm foundation, DStore is able to meet and scale up to the most stringent customer requirements. It should come as no surprise that MicroGenesis has a growing satisfied customer base for DStore.

Many organizations today spend valuable resources, time and space to store and retrieve information in the form of paper, CDs, tapes and other physical media.

DStore is an innovative document regulation software that has been designed to:

  • manage all your information in electronic form securely
  • enable the digitization of paper documents
  • import electronic documents of any format to a central repository

As for method of access, users can access documents securely by using a standard browser. Finally, starting from basic requirements, DStore can scale up to any level of users and data volumes by simple licensing updates.

Why DStore

Enterprise-level document management systems need large investments in time and money. Though feature rich, only about 30% or less are actually needed or used by customers. DStore meets the core requirements out of the box and provides for incremental enhancements to meet the specific needs of its customers.


  • Integrated web based system built on IBM & Kofax Technology
  • Cost effective non-user based license
  • Bridges the gap between digitization and document management
  • Native format storage of content
  • Open standards to lower maintenance costs (Java/J2EE)

Special Features

  • Collaborate by chat messaging
  • Send documents by e-mail
  • Integrate into existing systems

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