5 Reasons Why add Atlassian Confluence to your tool mix

by | Atlassian

Atlassian Confluence is a collaboration wiki tool which allows the development, collaboration, and management of documents. It is a preferred all-inclusive tool for the preservation of records and the exchange of information. It integrates with Jira, has powerful add-ons, and helps the sharing, storage, and management of information within teams.

Confluence provides an organised workspace through which you can collaborate with your team from anywhere, anytime. Synchronise your confluence with iOS or Android device and work from anywhere across geographies. Tracking team’s activity, feedback and staying coordinated between mobile devices and desktop are some of the essential features of Atlassian Confluence.

A confluence is a flexible tool that can ease your work in many ways. When mixed with other tools it can do wonders. Here are the 5 most common reasons why add Confluence to your mix of Atlassian tools.

Confluence and Jira gel up well

Capturing product requirement is a part of the product lifecycle management. Blueprint of the product specifications of Confluence helps to find, scope and track requirements for the product or function. Within the blueprint, teams will be able to collaborate to collect user stories in a table format that specifies the required changes and any added notes. Once the table is filled out, it is possible to highlight the user stories and create issues in Jira with a click of a button. This allows Jira ‘s ideas to be converted into trackable pieces of work. When the related Jira problem is updated, teams can have a real-time detailed report in their Confluence product specifications page of each user story.

Single source for team collaboration

As organisations grow, there comes a huge requirement of cross-functional teams capable of working on many requirements. While Jira is a great alternative for helping the team to plan and track issues of all the work that goes into the software development, Atlassian Confluence provides a single source to organise the content that has been created during the process.

The need to store documentation in many places is eliminated through confluence. A Jira project linked with confluence where documents can be organised improves efficiency within teams. With all documentation stored in a single source, knowledge transfer for a new team member becomes convenient.

Add-ons improve performance

Atlassian products come power-packed with add-ons that have more features and confluence is no different. Add-ons increase added features to the existing functionality of Confluence. If the user needs any specific features, then an add-on that can help with the desired functionality. Add-ons optimize content inside of Confluence with exact reports, diagrams, data forms and lot more.

Keeps the team progressive

Confluence enables team to coordinate and have traceability of all the task performed even after many changes done in the Bitbucket or Bamboo code. Confluence provides a single source or platform to trace all technical documentation. If a new team-mate joins the project, providing insights about the work without hassle- keeping your team moving forward.

A smart tool for smart teams

Owing to the unique style of sharing knowledge by many teams, Atlassian Confluence allows the team to transfer knowledge in various formats, helping create a more flexible experience for users utilising the content. Confluence supports many formats desired by the team to share knowledge. Additionally, it also streamlines knowledge sharing by enabling you to regulate team’s documentation process which minimises the hassle of a new team member to learn about the team activity.


Atlassian Confluence has proved an essential tool for teams to collaborate. Confluence provides the team with the privilege to share, store and manage knowledge with a single source. It has mitigated the communication barriers and has become an effective source of knowledge sharing among teams. We work on Atlassian tools and round-the-clock help to our customers to ensure the smooth functioning of our Atlassian services. Visit our service page to know more.