Level up the Software Game by Leveraging Integrated Application Lifecycle Management

Efficient ALM Solutions to Scale-up the Businesses

Integration of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) can help businesses manage complex software applications by offering end-to-end traceability in all phases of Application development.

MicroGenesis offers end-to-end ALM services that stretch from ALM consulting, implementation to process deployment. As ALM experts we enable businesses to automate and streamline their software development process, increased ROI and improve product quality while maintaining compliance with quality standards.

Businesses these days demand fully integrated and cohesive Application Lifecycle Management solutions to keep up with the growing hardware and software complexity. Our team that comprises technical and subject-matter experts help businesses in enabling collaboration across all levels of the organisations to ensure improved efficiency in developing, testing and maintaining applications.

Key Features

  • Maintain a single source of truth 
  • Ensure seamless integration between various phases 
  • End-to-End lifecycle traceability 
  • Track and handle complete product lifecycle management applications 
  • Mitigate risk effectively and efficiently 
  • Initiate and manage comprehensive audit structure 


Our ALM Solutions

We have partnered with leading ALM vendors to deliver suitable ALM solutions to our clients to help them scale-up in the market and transform their application process flow into a robust endeavor. 

Project Planning

Define, track, measure and report project milestones for each task assigned by the project manager, release manager or QA Manager at any stage of the project

Requirements Management

Communicating requirements is the key to make sure the requirements from various stakeholders are met. With the ALM requirement management feature, you can easily collate and prioritize requirements in one shot

Design & Development

 Design and develop complex project requirements and rapidly move them from design to implementation within no time with ALM

Configuration Management

Easily manage, coordinate and regulate the changes in the documents, codes and other entities during the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)  

Testing and Quality Management

Empower teams to establish, maintain and track changes introduced to complex software systems through trusted version selection and version control of artefacts 

Build and Release Management

Release software frequently without compromising on the quality, integrity and regulatory compliance of the software

Change Management and Defect Tracking

Track and manage the growing number of change requests coming in from multiple sources to ensure that each request goes through a set of specified processes to be assessed, evaluated, and confirmed before implementation  

Risk & Hazard Management

Monitor and manage the risk that occurred at any stage of development without any risk of disturbing the project progress

Audit Metrics & Reports

 Get easy access to data and reports through different data sources to avoid data discrepancies

Variant Management & Componentization

 Reuse lifecycle artefacts across variants and product lines, and increase time to market and lower maintenance cost

Our ALM Offering

With MicroGenesis extensive suite of ALM services, businesses can gain real-time visibility into application quality, eliminate time-consuming and error-prone human processes.


Our certified teams provide training to enhance the skills of the internal team

License Procurement

We ensure the best value for your investment by assessing and analyzing your existing licenses and advise on embracing the best ALM platform

Installation, Upgradation & Migration

Based on the industry best practices we help you upgrade or migrate to the latest infrastructure without any data loss

Consulting, Customization & Implementation

Our team possesses vast knowledge and years of experience in offering robust and pragmatic ALM solutions to clients

Plugins & Extensions

Our dedicated team majorly focus on the development of various plugins for enhancing the existing features or introducing a new feature into the ELM/ALM portfolio 

Integrations Adapters

Our expertise lies in developing integration adapters and bridges to integrate third-party applications, homegrown solutions, open-source tools, and legacy tools with customized ALM solutions

Data Migration

Migrate data of any project from third-party applications to the ALM platform without any fear of data loss with our expert teams

Model Based System Engineering

We offer an exclusive program for educating our clients on the innumerable benefits and importance of model-based system engineering (MBSE) via training and complete handling until the implementation process

The MicroGenesis Advantage

MicroGenesis expertise lies in using technologies like Application Lifecycle Management to help businesses streamline application delivery processes and deliver value to customers at an enterprise scale. Our technical knowledge on this subject is unmatched, as experienced by several of our world-leading clients. Over the years, we have partnered with leading ALM vendors to provide customized solutions to our clients as per their requirements.   



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How integrated ALM can help your business?

The onset of complexities in the application lifecycle and the eagerness to bring new products faster into the market calls for constant innovation that abides by the stringent regulatory compliance.

At MicroGenesis, we are committed to deliver value-driven solutions and scalable results for the success of our clients and partners. We design and build digital solutions with our clients as the center of all our efforts. 

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