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Atlassian solution partner overview

MicroGenesis is one of the leading Atlassian solution partners that offer enterprise software solutions and digital transformation services focusing on DevOps, SDLC, Agile, ITSM, and more. We extend Atlassian managed services to organizations of all sizes during their software development as well as delivery related challenges. We provide an extensive Atlassian consulting service starting from product consulting, project guidance, implementation, and systems integration to managed services. Our Atlassian solution engagement model is designed with the objective to enhance visibility, collaboration, productivity, and service quality for our clients.

Leverage industry best practices, tools and services that accelerates innovation at scale

Atlassian solutions

A solution designed with agile Atlassian tools to cater to enterprise requirement

It is often challenging for organizations to create a collaborative environment to optimize business outcomes. By focusing on automation, collaboration, and efficiency, the Atlassian platform integrates with the existing systems to customize and optimize the expertise present internally. This enables seamless collaboration across all the teams present resulting in on-time service delivery

DevOps / DevSecOps

Enabling automation and continuous integration for the successful delivery of DevOps & DevSecOps solutions

Agile ALM

Thriving to develop and deliver software with quality, reliability, and speed

IT Service Management

Building a faster and responsive IT service management for feasibility

Project and Portfolio Management

Enabling complete visibility of the projects and the portfolios within it

Process Management

The success lies in organizing the teams and streamlining the business processes

Governance Risk and Compliance

Augmenting organizational governance, risk, and compliance management

Atlassian Products

Atlassian tools offer robust solutions to teams, from startup to an enterprise level. Atlassian managed services share a portfolio of products that helps teams around the world to work with software projects from concept to launch without glitches.




Identity AND Security

Atlassian Services

Embrace our Atlassian managed services with the scope of amplifying your Atlassian environment. Enhance the experience with our certified expert services and result-driven approach.

The Atlassian consulting services and solutions offered by the MicroGenesis Professional Services team provides proven expertise and flexible options for clients to choose from. This helps to accelerate the success of the business process post-deployment of Atlassian tools. Each Atlassian service is different from the other due to the product uniqueness. Hence, our offering is also unique and customized for each of our clients. Starting from deployment, implementation, and delivery-related challenges, analysis of upgradation or migration needs, to guiding performance and optimization of existing applications; we ensure an exclusive experience for all our clients.

Assessment and Recommendations

We at MicroGenesis leverage our expertise and experience in Atlassian solutions through careful assessment of the resource and processes so that we can offer an appropriate recommendation. To begin with, we review in detail the goals, requirements, systems, processes, and benchmark performance to derive a solution best fit for the company ecosystem and to justify the investment on Atlassian services.

The following are the way we operate that enhances the scope of embracing Atlassian solutions.

  • Identify the goals, requirements, and constraints to define the business case.
  • Detailed analysis and assessment of the enterprise management system.
  • Understand and become a part in rationalizing the Atlassian investments.
  • Suggest recommendations basis observation on adopting Atlassian tools and best practices.
  • Advice on purchase, upgrade and renewal of licenses and subscriptions post considering the budget to ensure cost-efficiency.


Despite years of extensive experience and knowledge on Atlassian solutions, we at MicroGenesis treat each deployment as unique. We sensitize with the fact that each client comes with specific organizational needs. Hence, we work closely with our clients to ensure that the implemented Atlassian tools are configured and optimized to maximize efficiency and productivity, thus, justifying the Atlassian investment.

The following are the pre-requisite of the implementation phase.

  • The project, user roles, and workflow need to be defined and configured apart from gaining permissions and leveraging security.
  • Deployment of Atlassian applications depending upon the requirement on the AWS, Azure, Google cloud, or on-premise.
  • Provide documentation and orientation for both users and administrators to run the process seamlessly.

Integration and Migration Services

Are you planning to migrate or integrate your data from one platform to another? MicroGenesis has years of experience in migrating data safely ensuring cost-efficiency. We excel in Atlassian cloud migration that assures that the existing process and tools remain compatible with the Atlassian technologies and solutions. We use multiple approaches to reduce the production impact and down-time of your existing services. We leverage platform selection, planning, installation, configuration, and migration, through a robust project-based approach. Following are the processes we follow.

  • Support end-to-end migrations from related 3rd party systems into the Atlassian ecosystem.
  • Initiate migrations between Atlassian Cloud, Server, and Data Center.
  • Maintain integration with 3rd party applications using existing plugins or custom plugin development.
  • Enhance the scope of integration of Atlassian products with Marketplace applications.

Custom Development

Years of experience made us experts in the customization of the offered solution. Hence, we extend our complete support for customized functionality within the Atlassian service offering. Based on the requirements of our clients, we develop tailor-made add-on solutions for our clients to effectively integrate and collaborate.


  • We recommend and develop custom plugins or initiate integration with third-party capabilities to meet unique business needs.
  • We can customize or develop dashboards, structures, templates, and themes to create a customer success story.

Consultant On-Demand

Our flexible resourcing models ensure that certified experts are available for support on both short-term and long-term basis, to strengthen the team with real-time assistance and also compliment them in specific tasks such as coaching, performance tune-up, implementation, and maintenance of licensed software. The resourcing models are either hourly, daily, or every monthly. 

Managed Support

Resilient and cost-effective managed support model to realize your ROI and maximize your VOI

Our managed support services offering ensures that the Atlassian tools and applications stay up-to-date with scheduled upgrades, regular maintenance, and everything that is needed for the software to be available optimally. Our technical support assistance is carefully woven to answer product-specific questions, troubleshoot and resolve issues related to usage and performance of all licensed products with active subscription and support agreement with a promise of maintaining the health of the systems with minimum or zero downtime, satisfied users, and efficient businesses.

Solution Design

Post considering the requirements and challenges, we design a solution ensuring usability and scalability. The solution implementation is done with comprehensive planning on cost estimation, approach, and gap analysis powered by multiple modes of delivery based on project type and requirements.

We follow the below process in implementing Atlassian solution design.

  • Design a solution with a customized framework, workflows, and integrations to meet our client’s unique needs.
  • Induce Atlassian solutions to post evaluating the compatibility with the existing processes. This is followed by selecting and procuring Atlassian tools and services.
  • Provide Statement of Work to guide implementation and management of enterprise systems.

The Springboard

We cater to our client’s unique requirements. Hence, we also provide short-term engagements spanning between 3 to 5 days, for implementing specific software tools and practices based on unique needs and objectives. Deliverables include; planning, installation of Atlassian tools, configuration, documentation, and user orientation to the process.

Software Upgradation

We extend our support even with the upgradation of Atlassian software tools to the latest version since software upgrades are an essential part of gaining agility with upgraded product features and security.

Our knowledge-based support can save time and effort in maintaining application integrity and performance.

  • After a thorough analysis of the existing Atlassian service, we initiate a plan and strategy for upgradation.
  • Identify available downloads, patches, and fixes to upgrade to the latest and stable versions.
  • Initiate upgradation of the existing Atlassian tools to newer versions or migrating data to Data Center or Atlassian Cloud-based on assessments.

License Management

As Atlassian solution experts, MicroGenesis tries to provide the most cost-effective way for selecting and managing the Atlassian tools and Marketplace applications. Our guidance is basis the evaluation and procurement of new licenses, perform license renewals, and manage upgrades. The following are the details of the support we extend in managing the license.


  • License Procurement – We analyze and recommend the right set of Atlassian products and Marketplace applications that will prove useful for the business be it Cloud, Data Center, or Server.
  • Renewals – We keep a track of the license periods and expiration dates to ensure timely renewals.
  • Upgrades – The decision regarding upgrades must be taken after considering all the aspects to ensure cost-effectiveness. We advise our clients on any upgrades depending on the integration efforts and budget.
  • Co-terming – We advise our clients to choose the option for co-terming that saves time through the unification of the renewal of all the Atlassian products and Marketplace Applications on a single date every year.

Coaching and Training

Our tailor-made courses shape the enhancement of the internal team’s skills and also productivity, through practical application, up-skill options, or practice consulting activities. The principles, best practices, or features available with Atlassian tools are best explained through our training programs and their associated methodologies.

Why MicroGenesis For Atlassian

MicroGenesis can make your Atlassian experience smooth and seamless. Go the MicroGenesis way!


  • We maximize the ROI of an organization with the adoption and maximum utilization of the Atlassian products.
  • We offer cost-effective, reliable, and flexible Atlassian service
  • Our solution includes all-time access to Atlassian specialist support.
  • Our premium support plans ease the adoption process with a dedicated 24X7 SME support line.
  • The Atlassian Service can be utilized within the prescribed period without a long-term commitment.
  • We support in scaling and improvement of productivity through modifying the systems and processes with customized Atlassian solutions.
  • With close monitoring, we ensure service outage reduction and a decrease in downtime risks and performance issues.
  • We empower you to rationalize your licenses and instances to optimize your spend on solutions.

Why MicroGenesis is your preferred Atlassian solutions partner?


We offer:

  • Flexible engagement models starting from consulting and deployment to enterprise-level managed support.
  • Years of industry presence and experience with enterprise software solutions and service delivery has empowered us with the right knowledge and expertise.
  • Expert implementation and integration of Atlassian solutions with third-party applications.
  • A team of certified professionals on Atlassian, Cloud, DevOps, and DevSecOps supporting the deployment.
  • Offer reliable and trusted Atlassian solutions to address client-specific business-critical needs.
  • Successful Atlassian consulting service in a cost-efficient manner justifying Atlassian investment.

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