Digital health trends and inspiring solutions at DMEA 2021

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How often do you get the chance to meet the top minds of the leading industries and gain insights into the innovative technology and solutions you work on regularly? At the DMEA 2021 online conference, June 7 to June 11, 2021, you’ll obtain absolutely that. From understanding the latest technology adoption in the Medtech Industry to the role of digital transformation in healthcare and how it is affecting the patient experience, DMEA 2021 will offer 7 days of insightful learning from the luminaries in the digital health domain.

MicroGenesis Techsoft at the DMEA 2021

MicroGenesis Techsoft is one of the leading software solution providers for medical software. We offer a range of services from development, testing and regulatory compliance to ensure robust and reliable software. Over the years, we are uniquely positioned in the Medtech industry to deliver innovative and futuristic solutions to clients with our experience and skilled professionals. We are acclaimed by several leading medical device companies for enabling them to roll out high-quality medical products in shorter time frames while maintaining regulatory compliances such as EN ISO 13458, EU MRD and FDA.

Meet our experts attending DMEA 2021

MG Daniel

Business Head- Software Solutions & Services

Daniel has over 15 years of experience working in the Healthcare technology domain and providing software solutions that enable health professionals to connect with patients and manage them more efficiently. With experience in implementing 40 major projects, he has proven his Technical & Management Expertise in identifying, qualifying, and implementing enterprise systems that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives. He has made significant contributions in other sectors with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) technology for transportation (railways, airports), power, process industries (manufacturing, petroleum). His experience spans engagements within India as well as countries abroad (Singapore and the Middle East).

Romit Bhattacharya

Business Head- Software Solutions & Services

Romit has around 16 years of experience in driving new business growth and managing existing key customers across India, APAC and the European market. Romit has successfully worked with several leading clients in the Automotive, Aerospace & Healthcare sector and implemented a cohesive and robust Sales and Marketing framework.

Talk to our experts at DMEA 2021

Our focus at DMEA 2021 is to meet like-minded people and address the existing barriers and challenges related to access to high-quality health care and how to make the medical devices and digital healthcare industry self-sufficient. If you too are interested in having a chat connect with us.